2020 Year in Review

Lincoln Daily News explores our county

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[January 13, 2021]   Staying at home and not getting to get out and do something – anything - took its toll on some of our Logan County residents. After all, we are an active community, accustomed to being out and about and socializing in a variety of ways.

Since March of 2020 socializing was difficult to say the least. While we were blessed to have a few of our traditional activities take place by alternate means or modified methods, we still were all getting a little bit of cabin fever.

Lincoln Daily News decided it was time to get out and explore the community and challenged readers to “come along for the ride.”

LDN rolled out the Eye Spy game the end of July and ran it for eight weeks. We had a number of page hits and hits on social media proving that readers were looking, and hopefully enjoying exploring our community.

Throughout the game we had two readers who worked hard at solving the puzzle of where we were leading them by clues. It became a fun competition between the two to see who would get there first. Along the way a few other readers joined in as well.

The trips LDN took were set so that those who went along could maintain social distancing and still get out and have some fun.

Each day, the paper ran a clue as to where in the county the game was taking its readers. Then in the next week, we shared the answer, some facts about the location, and photos from our own trip.

While it is cold outside today and will be for a few more weeks, when spring comes, these same locations would make great places to visit to help beat cabin fever during the winter months.

Come play “Eye Spy” with Lincoln Daily News

Week one

Eye Spy, Week One - Atlanta

Eye Spy, Week One - Atlanta - slideshow

Eye Spy, Week One - Atlanta
Martha Simmons earns bragging rights as the first to find Atlanta

Week two

Eye Spy, Week Two Memorial Park in Lincoln

Eye Spy, Week Two - Memorial Park in Lincoln - slideshow

Eye Spy, Week Two – Memorial Park
Three readers get it right

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Week three

Eye Spy, Week Three - Mount Pulaski

Eye Spy, Week Three - Mount Pulaski - slideshow

Week four

Eye Spy, Week Four
Chestnut - the geographical center of Illinois

Chestnut - the geographic center of Illinois - slideshow

Readers discover Chestnut

Week five

Eye Spy, Week Five
A pleasant stroll through Elkhart

Eye Spy, Week Five - Elkhart - slideshow

Simmons and Fulk race to be the first to find Elkhart

Week six

Eye Spy, Week Six - The Lincoln Depot

Eye Spy, Week Six - The Lincoln Depot - slideshow

Eye Spy, Week Six
Fulk, Simmons and Purdue figure it out

Week seven

Eye Spy, Week Seven – Gail’s Pumpkin Patch

Eye Spy, Week Seven - Gail's Pumpkin Patch - slideshow

Gail’s Pumpkin Patch
Five of our readers figure it out!

Week eight

Eye Spy, Week Eight - Route 66 in Lincoln

[Nila Smith]

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