Middletown Flag display case becomes a reality in an artist's studio

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Pictures by Curtis Fox

Jason Hoffman is assembling the frame that will hold the flag.



The frame is completed. Now it’s time to move on to the next task.

These triangles are the internal structure of the display case.

Small details are vital: small screws placed around the base will allow the case to be leveled.


The case is taking shape. The frame will fit in the space in front at a 15 degree angle. A plywood back will cover the back of the case where Jason Hoffman is standing.


Veltex cloth will cover a foam core to which the flag will be attached.


The first coat of colonial maple stain will match the other cases in the museum. The wood grain is glowing. “The lighting in the Lincoln Heritage Museum is exactly right to bring out the best color in the stain,” said Hoffman.


Click here to go to "Moving the case to the Lincoln Heritage Museum"


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