Help is on the Way!

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I heard of a stressed housewife answering her phone and relieved to hear: “How are you darling?” “Oh, Mother,” said the housewife, breaking into bitter tears, “I’ve had such a bad day. The baby won’t eat, the washing machine broke down, I haven’t had a chance to go shopping, and besides, I’ve just sprained my ankle and I have to
hobble around. On top of that, the house is a mess and I’m supposed to have two couples to dinner tonight.”

The mother was full of sympathy. “Oh darling,” she said, “sit down, relax. I’ll be over in half an hour. I’ll do your shopping, clean the house, and cook your dinner. I’ll feed the baby and I’ll call a repairman to fix the washing machine. Now stop crying. I’ll take care of everything. In fact, I’ll even call George at the office and tell him to come
home and help.”

“George? Who’s George?” the other woman asked.

“George! Your husband,” the mother responded. . . . Oh, I’m sorry. I guess I have the wrong number.” There was a pause. Then the woman asked, “Does this mean you’re not coming over?”

How many times in your day would you love to hear words of encouragement? “Help is on the way!” “Just hang in there a little longer!” or “Help is coming!” If you’re like me, probably several times a day! I pray and I wait. I know God hears me, but it
would be nice to know he’s on his way. Right?

Pinocchio was a created wooden marionette who dreamed of becoming a real boy. He is one of Disney’s loveable characters. However, the real story of Pinocchio is a story of selfishness, self-indulgence, and disgrace. Pinocchio was a rascal. Disney did a huge rewrite with it in order to make the story more inviting.

It’s originally a story of a boy who didn’t want his father anymore so he runs away. He runs to a carnival where it’s all about freedom and pleasure and doing whatever you want to do. There, boys become animals. Boys become donkeys. In fact, boys separated from their father always make donkeys of themselves if you know what I mean. When Pinocchio realizes what happened to him, all he wanted was his father
back. The good news for Pinocchio is that his father was already looking for him.

In the movie Finding Nemo, it’s also the father who crosses the widest ocean to come looking for his lost son. This storyline seems to sell well. A runaway or lost child; a father desperately seeking; a reunion. Pinocchio! Nemo! Me!

God has always been like this. In the early chapters of Exodus, while standing in front of the burning bush, God told Moses that he had come down to rescue his people from the hands of the Egyptians (Exodus 3:8).

Ezekiel told the people God would rescue them as a true shepherd rescues his flock from the wild beast. He told them God would also care for their wounds, feed their hunger, shelter them from the storm, and renew the sick (Ezekiel 34:11–31).

We’re also told that Jesus will rescue us from our sins, from our enemies, from death (Galatians 1:4; Romans 7:24–25). Paul told Timothy, “The Lord will deliver me from every evil deed, and will bring me safely to His heavenly kingdom; to Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen (II Timothy 4:18).

The next time you feel overwhelmed by all the stresses and troubles of this world, stop! Close your eyes for a minute! (I know this may sound overly trite but just do it). Take a deep breath! Relax. And then ask God to rescue you. Tell him all about your
struggle and request a rescue. Regardless of how corny it may sound, many people experience relief after such an exercise. Maybe, it helps to remind us to rely on our rescuing Father. He will rescue his people! He will rescue me. Help is on the way! Hang in there!

Ron Otto, preaching minister at Lincoln Christian Church


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