2nd week of advent - Peace

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Peace is writing by candlelight first thing in the morning.
It is two snoring dogs at your feet.
It is the steady hum of a small space heater and the radiance of a Christmas tree.

Peace is looking at the photos and treasures from the adventures over the last year.
It is steam from the coffee cup dancing between the flickering flame of the candle.
It is the first good night's sleep in over a week.

Peace is the moment just before the dawn--before the squirrels arrive for breakfast.
It is happiness--hygge in this home at this hour.
It is the stillness of a foggy morning.


Peace is the silence after the furnace turns off--solitude.
It is this morning, this moment, the manifestation of divine grace.
It is before someone declares that they "have a case of the Mondays."

Peace is wholeness. It is completeness. It is tranquility. It is my prayer for you today, this week. It is a reminder of how God's redemption transpires.

It is Psalm 122 becoming your our prayer: "Peace be within your walls and quietness within your towers."

Peace, Christ's peace, be with you today. And for Christ's sake, live in peace.

[Adam Quine, pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Lincoln.]


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