Coming in January 2020 – ANIMAL STORIES – a new online magazine by Lincoln Daily News

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[January 21, 2020]  From now through January 16th, 2020, Lincoln Daily News is inviting readers to join us in putting together a new online magazine called ANIMAL STORIES.

In addition to valuable information on pets, their influences in our lives and their care, we are excited to announce three opportunities for you to share about your favorite four-legged, winged, or crawly buddy.

1) Tell us your story, how you and your pet found each other, how your pet is special in your life, or the adventure you and your animal have enjoyed together.
2) You will have the opportunity to enter your pet in the FREE Pet Photo Contest and
3) Submit a remembrance for inclusion in our "Over the Rainbow Bridge" section.

Categories for the FREE LDN Pet Photo Contest will be:

Cutest/Most Cuddly
Funniest Expression
Pet/owner look-a-like
Caught in the act

The photo contest is limited to pets in your home currently under your care.

It will be a tough job for our panel of softhearted judges, but there will be four winners and they will be featured in the magazine, as well as in a daily edition of Lincoln Daily News.

The Rainbow Bridge Memorial section encourages submissions of those greatest pets past who deeply touched your heart and earned remembrance.

While the magazine will be fun and informative, it also has a goal to help those local animals that have not yet found ‘their people’ yet.

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We are happy to be working with the Humane Society of Logan County and suggest that when submitting remembrances to the Rainbow Bridge Memorial, you also make a donation to HSLC.

The HSLC runs a no-kill shelter in Lincoln and works hard to care for a large number of orphaned animals while at the same time working to match pets with new families.  LDN will publish the list of those who donated, but you may also donate anonymously. The total amount of money collected for HSLC will be published in the ANIMAL STORIES magazine.

 This is a new and exciting publication for LDN. Most of us at LDN either currently or previously have had pets we loved dearly. We plan to share some of our pictures and favorite stories too.
 Have a picture or story in mind to share? Your challenge might be choosing which one. We are excited and looking forward to helping you share your favorite stories with the thousands upon thousands of readers who visit Lincoln Daily News every day.
 Details of how to enter the LDN FREE Pet Photo Contest or submit a story or remembrance to the RainbowBridge will be announced soon. Watch Lincoln Daily News for the exciting details!

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