2018 Year in Review
July 1st thru 11th Top Pictures

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July 2
Saturday was designated “Families Belong Together Day” across the United States. Seven hundred communities held demonstrations opposing the recent decision to separate children from their parents who crossed the southern border of the United States seeking asylum. Lincoln was one of those communities in central Illinois holding a rally along with Bloomington, Springfield, and Champaign.

Photo by Curtis Fox



July 3
At the end of the Lincoln City Council meeting on Monday evening, Ward 4 Alderman Rick Hoefle announced he would be resigning his position effective today (Tuesday, July 3rd) at noon.

Around the room, fellow aldermen, city officials, and Mayor Seth Goodman expressed their sorrow and surprise at the announcement. They also all expressed their appreciation for Hoefle's service to the city and his ward and spoke about his dedication to the post representing his constituents and the city on the whole.

Photo by Nila Smith

July 5
On Wednesday morning, this young man offered an excellent interpretation of our favorite President and city namesake - Abraham Lincoln. In spite of the heat, he donned his top hat and long black coat and peddled his way out to the Lincoln Park District, where he was rewarded, by winning first place in his parade category.

Photo by Nila Smith

July 6
On Tuesday a special journey running the entire length of Route 66 made stops in Logan County. The purpose of the trip is to celebrate and raise awareness for the unique, fun and quirky aspects of the Mother Road.

In Atlanta, the group made a stop for lunch at the Palms Grill and spent time at the foot of the town’s beloved Paul Bunyon statue. Traveling on to Lincoln stops at Route 66 attractions including the newly installed Tropics sign, the Railsplitter Covered Wagon, and the Mill on Route 66 Museum.

Joining in the trek through this part of the state was Illinois Representative Tim Butler. Representing United State Congressman Darin LaHood was Hal Smith out of the Springfield office, and a Logan County native - Reagan Tibbs, who is interning in LaHood's Springfield office. Others joining the group included Bill Thomas of Atlanta, who is also the Chairman of the National Route 66 Road Ahead Partnership; and Bill Kelly and Geoff Ladd of the Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byways.

Photo by Curtis Fox


July 7

Lincoln Police Officer Christy Fruge' does the honors of dropping a bag of unwanted medications into the city's new drug incinerator on Friday. The incinerator was being fired up for the first time, and the city alone had more than 100 pounds of unwanted medications to burn.

The special furnace was purchased with funding from the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation and Community Health Collaborative in an effort to reduce access to opioid-based medications that can be stolen and misused.

Photo by Nila Smith


July 9
On Saturday afternoon approximately 194 people spend some downtime at the Lincoln Amtrak Station due to an engine failure on the train they were riding. City Fire and Police were on hand to help make the unexpected visitors as comfortable and safe as possible, including handing out bottled water.

Photo by Curtis Fox


July 10

Karen Hargis of Lincoln Daily News presents Kati Sheley and her two daughters, all of Lincoln, with a check for $500. Kati participated in the 2018 Read and Win contest in Lincoln Daily News. As the winner, she was very excited and surprised. She noted, "What are the odds of me winning this contest? There are over 12,000 people in Lincoln alone!!! I will tell everyone to play next year because if I can win, they can.” Kati said that the money would be added to the family vacation fund for this year.

Hargis, who is the Director of Advertising at LDN, spoke briefly about the contest. ““Every year the number of players increases. I mean, who can’t use $500? It’s really fun to listen to the responses of winners. It goes from “Oh my gosh, I won!” to “Is this a joke?” There is a part of them that wants to believe they won and a part that says this is too good to be true. When I put the check in their hand, you can see the realization hit their face. That’s priceless.”

Photo by LDN


July 11
Seven-year-old Carter Dunham had such an amazing adventure on Monday night at Lincoln Speedway that dad Joshua just had to share it with everyone. The duo went to the Graue Chevrolet Buick Cadillac Showdown, the Modified Nationals Dirt Car UMP Races and they loved every minute.

Dad bought pit passes so that he and Carter could get close to the drivers and the cars, and that paid off big time for young Carter.

Joshua said Carter was able to sit in Austin Lynn's car, get a new Myles Moos shirt, autographs, and the cherry on top of it all, “Tim Hancock, who won the B-MOD Feature, actually gave his trophy to my little boy, making his experience one of the best; very, very classy guy and very good group of drivers that come through. Was a great night indeed."

Photo by Joshua Dunham


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