Lincoln Daily News hosts
Ceremonial Ribbon Cuts
for businesses, organizations and events in Logan County

Ribbon cuts will be offered to new businesses, businesses with substantial renovations or expansions, and relocations. LDN will also offer ribbon cuts to local events, such as the Logan County Fair, Railsplitter, and Pigs & Swigs Festival; other milestone events such as the opening of a new tourist attraction, new or substantially renovated government facilities; and we will help local businesses and organizations celebrate their significant milestones such as major anniversary dates. 

Anyone interested in having a ribbon cut can contact LDN by emailing  or calling
Karen Hargis (217-737-7418), or Nila Smith (217-737-3613).  Cuts should be scheduled at least 10 days to two weeks before the event.

LDN will provide the ribbon and scissors for the ceremony and will facilitate getting owners and community leaders to say a few words before the actual cut. LDN will also set up photo ops before and during the cut that local media will be invited to take advantage of.  Ribbon cut events will be listed on the LDN Community Calendar pages.

[NOTE: LDN reserves the right to decline requests for ribbon cuts for any reason.]


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Recent Ribbon Cuts

10/02/2021 - Humane Society of Logan County celebrates two milestone anniversaries
-----Humane Society of Logan County celebrates two milestones - slideshow

10/02/2021 - United Way of Logan County celebrates 60 years with a ribbon cutting

09/18/2021 - Fiftieth National Railsplitter Festival gets off to a great start Saturday morning with a ribbon cutting and a second special presentation

09/10/2021 - Sun Ag, Inc. celebrates first year looking back and looking forward
-----Sun Ag Inc. celebrates its first year at Emden location - slideshow