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We all must do our share

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[July 05, 2024] 

Each of us, in our own way, smiles on the Fourth of July. We can’t help it. We are the most fortunate citizens of any nation in the world, and we know it.

A bunch of us in the valley will be down on the sidewalk watching the parade go by. The bands are nice. The horses are great fun to watch, and the military with their stunning stout vehicles of war are hard to beat. So are we. We’re hard to beat, too.

My favorite part of the parade is when the kids walk by, with a small American flag in one hand and the end of a leash in the other. And that leash is attached to a dog. Not a world champion dog. Not even a dog who trees ‘coons or points birds.

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No, that is the great American kids’ dog. Look at each one. The crowd kinda boogers them a little, but they know they’re safe because they have that wonderful American kid safely on the other end of that leash. Those dogs can’t speak to us in our language, but we know exactly what they’re saying: if it weren’t for me, how would this kid ever become a full-fledged caring American adult?

We all must do our share.

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