Moses: Created for God’s Glory

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The great boxing champion of the world, Muhammad Ali, was well known for being boisterous and prideful. His statements regarding his accomplishments were seldom, if ever, humble. Once on an airline, the flight attendant asked Ali to put his seat belt on. Ali snapped back, “Superman don’t need no seatbelt.” To which she snapped back, “Superman don’t need no airplane buckle up.” Ali chuckled and then did as he was asked. Ali loved the glory.

Our God is a generous God. He shares almost everything with us: shares His resources…shares His kingdom…shares His Son. But one thing he will not share is His glory!

We will be in a series of sermons this summer on the life of Moses. If you were here last summer, we did a series in the life of David called, “A Person After God’s Own Heart.” This summer will be on the life of Moses and what it looks like to be a person who wants God’s Glory; what it means to be a person seeking God’s Glory above our own.

Moses was set aside for just that. Created for it. Called to it. And carried out this calling!

Throughout the Old Testament, God gets pretty frustrated when someone tries to elevate their own glory over His. Pharaoh made that mistake. So did several of Israel’s kings. Lesson was simple: keep your hands off God’s Glory!

Moses will return to Egypt and stand before the most powerful world leader of that time. Moses will be a nobody standing before a somebody. But he will do it with the power of God behind him. “Say ‘no’ all you want Pharaoh, but soon you will fall to your knees and beg me to take what God sent me for.” And nobody will say, “Look at how powerful Moses is.” No! They will say, “Look at how powerful God is.”

As we read the bible, we quickly see it’s seldom about the story being told or the individual in the story. It’s not the story…it’s the Glory behind the story.

Moses will learn what it means to be a person seeking God’s Glory first. We will learn the same.

Ron Otto, Preaching Minister at Lincoln Christian Church

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