Moses: Created for God’s Glory

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Just because a saying is old doesn’t make it reliable. “The bird with the broken pinion never soars as high again.” (A pinion is a wing.) The problem with this saying is that it isn’t true. It isn’t true in nature! And it isn’t true in life.
Father Abraham was a liar. He uttered blatant lies on more than one occasion to save his own skin. But even after he lied, he came to be known as “Friend of God.”
Jacob was a cheat who cheated his brother out of his birthright. God gave him a new name… ”Israel!”

Rahab was a well-known prostitute. She was later granted the unspeakable dual honors of having her name listed in Hebrews 11 “Hall of Faith” and listed in the genealogy and lineage of Jesus Christ.
What about notable missionary dropouts, Jonah and John Mark?

Anyone believe these people with broken pinions failed to soar higher after their failures? I’ll tell you something else. If birds with broken pinions could never fly as high again, I wouldn’t be preaching at Lincoln Christian Church. I, too, have
a past.

God seems to prefer using broken people. Moses was also a man with a broken pinion. His failure in Egypt probably made him feel like an unusable vessel. He just couldn’t imagine God picking up a rejected utensil such as himself, and finding any use for it. But he was wrong.


We will be in a series of sermons this summer on the life of Moses. If you were here last summer, we did a series in the life of David called, “A Person After God’s Own Heart.” This summer, we’re doing Moses and looking at what a person who wants God’s Glory looks like. What it means to be a person seeking God’s Glory above my own.

Moses’ story is impressive. But it’s not so much about his story…it’s the Glory behind the story. It’s about God’s Glory and how he can shine bright even in a person with a broken pinion.

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Ron Otto, Preaching Minister at Lincoln Christian Church

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