Logan County State's Attorney Bradley Hauge
Observance of National Drug Court Month

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[May 06, 2024]   For three decades, there has been a growing movement to transform the way the justice system responds to individuals with substance use and mental health disorders.

Rather than continuing the revolving door of addiction and related crime, treatment courts break the cycle by holding individuals accountable while connecting them with the treatment and support needed to change their lives. This approach is no longer an experiment.

This May, drug courts throughout Illinois will join more than 4,000 such programs nationwide in celebrating National Drug Court Month. This year alone, more than 150,000 individuals nationwide who entered the justice system due to addiction will receive the opportunity to repair their lives, helping not only the individual, but their families and communities find hope, healing, and recovery. National Drug Court Month is a celebration of the lives restored by drug court, and it sends the powerful message that when one person rises, we all rise.

Here in Logan County, we offer drug court and veterans treatment court. Treatment courts like ours differ from traditional court because we invite treatment providers and other public health professionals to be a part of the team. They ensure each person in our program receives an individualized, evidence-based treatment plan, and work together with the judge, prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation, and law enforcement to provide ongoing support and accountability. This approach allows our treatment court to identify and meet individual needs beyond clinical treatment, such as education, employment, housing assistance, family reunification, restitution, and healthcare. Treatment plans are individualized to the participant because there are multiple pathways to success.

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Drug courts are critical in the effort to address addiction and related crime. Scientific research agrees numerous studies have found that treatment courts reduce crime and drug use and save money. Research shows treatment courts also improve education, employment, housing, financial stability, and family reunification.

Drug courts represent a compassionate approach to the devastation of addiction. This year’s National Drug Court Month celebration should signal that the time has come to reap the economic and societal benefits of expanding this proven budget solution to all in need.

If you want to contribute to the Logan County Drug Court, please contact Kim Turner (217) 732-2106 for ways to help. We are always looking for contributions and donations that can be given as incentives for participants. Even small gifts, such as $5 gift card or gas card, go a long way toward initiating positive changes in behavior for those who are doing well in the program.

Bradley M. Hauge
Logan County State’s Attorney

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