City of Mt. Pulaski 2023 leaf collection schedule

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[October 09, 2023] 

The City of Mt. Pulaski Leaf Collection Program has been scheduled. The program will run from October 23, 2023, to December 4, 2023. The city will utilize the leaf vacuum to assist residents with the disposal of leaves. To help make this program a success, residents are asked to please follow the guidelines below:

1.) The Leaf Vacuum is designed for leaf removal only. Do not place grass, sticks, limbs, or other debris in the leaf pile. These foreign materials may cause damage to the machine and possible injury to City Personnel. Foreign material will cause us to bypass all of your leaves!

2.) Placement of the leaves is a key element to the success of the program. Place the leaves in a row so that they are located within 4 feet of the edge of the pavement.

3.) Keep the leaf piles no higher than 3 feet, for safety and visibility.

4.) Leaves should be placed and ready for pickup by 7:30 AM, Monday. We intend to collect leaves on every Monday at a minimum. Other days may be added as the work load dictates.

5.) Rake the leaves to the back of the curb, on the grass area. If cars are continuously parked in front of your residence, please place the leaves at the edge of your driveway.

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6.) DO NOT place leaves in a rocked or gravel area.

7.) DO NOT place leaves in the road ditches or in the street.

8.) We can pick up leaves that are either dry or wet. If you have problems with the leaves blowing, you can wet them down. Another option is to cover the leaves with a tarp.

9.) DO NOT place leaves in an area where you have previously had a fire. We will not vacuum leaves from this area, because of the potential of smoldering material becoming ignited inside of the Leaf Vacuum.

Leaves may also be burned in accordance with the City Ordinances. Copies of the ordinance may be obtained by contacting City Hall.

Leaves may also be mulched by utilizing a mulching blade on your lawn mower.

Should you have any questions or concerns about this Leaf Collection Program, please call Mt. Pulaski City Hall at 217-792-3222.

[Paula Holcomb
City Hall]

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