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Hilary Rempe snips the ribbon on a new generation of ownership at Peggy’s Place Bakery and Catering in Lincoln

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[September 05, 2023]   On Tuesday, June 6, 2023, a large group of supporters gathered in front of Peggy’s Place Bakery and Catering in Lincoln for a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating a change in ownership of the popular business.

Sixteen years ago, Peggy’s Place became a part of the community when it was opened by Peggy Payne. In that time, she built a strong business that included all kinds of made from scratch baked goods and sweets along with continuing on the Fat Boys BBQ that was started by her husband Tom in the early days of the Up In Smoke Barbecue Competitions in Lincoln.

In a conversation with Hilary Rempe last week, LDN learned that Payne began thinking about retiring from the business. Rempe said one day she jokingly suggested to Payne that she might buy the business. Payne took to the idea and began working toward that end result.

Rempe had been with Peggy’s Place a number of years across two different time frames. She recalled that when she first started at the shop she didn’t know much about baking and really didn’t think she could learn, but Payne coached and taught her and Rempe found a love for creating sweet treats. Then the next step was to get Rempe involved in preparing the savory foods the shop offers daily. Rempe said Payne eased her into that as well, and by the time all was said and done, she was making food from scratch, just as Payne had always done, and loving it.

This week, at the ribbon cut, it was mentioned that the celebration was about continuing on a strong business and moreover about celebrating Rempe who is now a first-time business owner.

In the week prior, Rempe had said that she had been blessed to have two people helping her through the process and ultimately making it possible for her to purchase the business. She named Andrea Runge of the Lincoln Economic Advancement and Development (LEAD) organization and Dave Irwin of the Heartland Bank, State Bank of Lincoln Branch.

Tuesday both Runge and Irwin were in attendance at the ribbon cutting. Both were asked to speak, with Runge being the first.

Andrea Runge, standing center

Runge said she was very pleased to be able to support Rempe. She said that Peggy’s Place was at the center of the community and an important part of that community. She said that she had been excited to help Rempe with the purchase process. It was noted that LEAD assists businesses existing in new in procuring grants that will assist them with start-up loans or operating costs.

Dave Irwin, standing center

Irwin said that he had been happy to be a part of Rempe being able to purchase the business. He said that Runge had been there to assist with getting the extra hand up that Rempe needed for the purchase. He said Runge had come up with programs that were available to Rempe that “quite frankly helped Hillary get to the finish line.”

Rempe had many family members with her including her parents, husband, children, and her grandmother Sullivan. As guests were speaking, Grandma Sullivan recalled that way back when the building that now houses Peggy’s Place was built with the help of her oldest grandson Mike. At that time it was an ice cream shop, then it became Peggy’s Place. She said it was fun to think that the building that was built by her grandson now belonged to her granddaughter.

Among the other guests in the group were County Board Member Kathy Schmidt, Lincoln Ward Four Alderman Craig Eimer, Lincoln City Clerk Peggy Bateman, and Lincoln Mayor Tracy Welch. Assisting with the ribbon cutting ceremony was Alice Roate with the Logan County Tourism Bureau, Karen Castelein and Nila Smith with Lincoln Daily News.

Schmidt was asked if she would like to speak. She said that she was happy to see that the business was continuing on under new ownership. She noted that Peggy’s Place is an important part of the community and that it would have been sad to lose it.

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Alderman Eimer, it turned out was a long-time family friend who has known Rempe and her parents since Rempe was a child. He said he wanted to wish Rempe the best and knew that she would give it her all.

Mayor Welch said he felt that there had been a lot of good points made during the day. Welch said he too enjoyed many of the unique and wonderful items that Peggy’s Place had become known for. He recalled there was one particular pie that could be found nowhere else in town that was a mainstay at Peggy’s Place. He said that the circle that had been drawn by Grandma Sullivan and others showed how we are all connected, and how one business impacts a community. He said he wished Rempe the best and knew that she was going to be a great addition to the business community. He added that it was a good time to note that within the community, there are many good partnerships that benefit local businesses. He said he was thankful for Runge and LEAD as well as Irwin and the State Bank of Lincoln for their continued support of local businesses and economic development.

Hilalry Rempe, Tiffany Palmer, Amanda Shull

The last person to speak before snipping the ribbon was Rempe. She introduced her two staff members Amanda Shull and Tiffany Palmer and said they were a good team working side by side daily in the kitchen. She said that without their support she would not be able to move forward.

She introduced her parents and said that she owed a lot to them because they pushed her hard when she was young. It was something she resented as a child but now sees the importance of as she takes on this new responsibility, and as she also now has children that she is responsible for teaching good work ethics and more.

She thanked her husband for being supportive of her business venture, and acknowledged her grandma Sullivan with whom she has always been close. Rempe thanked Irwin and Runge for all the effort they put into helping her, and also called out her insurance agent Jenny Abbott in the audience and said that Abbott had also been a tremendous help.

With the speakers all finished, it was time for the posed photo before the snipping of the ribbon. Rempe’s children had been watching the proceedings but came in to be a part of the final shot and the cutting of the ribbon.

When the photo session was finished everyone helped with the count down of three-two-one-snip, and Rempe with the help of her young daughter snipped the ribbon.

Afterward, everyone was invited to stay and visit with Rempe and her crew while enjoying some made from scratch cookies and cold lemonade and tea.

The business is located at 110 Clinton Street in Lincoln and is open to walk in customers Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Saturdays the shop is open from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. for pre-order pick-ups.

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