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Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2023
published daily from 8am Lincoln, Illinois

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Paint the Paper Pink

Today’s Pink Shirt picture features all the guys at Fitzpatrick Construction and we thank them for standing up for Breast Cancer Awareness in October.

While many men will say yes there is a woman in their life, either a friend or relative that has been diagnosed, it is harder for them to believe that there could also be a man they know who is at risk of death due to breast cancer.

Breast cancer is definitely a guy thing. In 2023 the American Cancer Society estimates there will be a total of 2,800 male diagnoses of breast cancer. And, unfortunately, one in every five of those diagnoses will end in death. While the diagnoses rate is lower in men than women, the death rate is higher. Of the 300,000 plus women diagnosed this year, one in seven diagnoses will end in death.

The death rate is higher for men, because men are still not completely convinced that it is possible for them to have breast cancer. Therefore, when they feel a change or see a change, they are less likely to seek medical advice. This is a belief that must be altered. Men we beg you to know your body, and know that when something doesn’t feel right, it is perfectly acceptable, even advised that you speak with your doctor.

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It is the time of year, when thoughts turn toward the holidays. While the Christmas holiday is still a few weeks away, it is not too early for the Lincoln Area Music Society to begin preparations for their holiday concerts.

Right now the group is seeking new talent for the choral and the orchestra. If you have an interest in performing with a big group of very friendly and talented people, then they have an interest in hearing from you.

See details in today’s edition of Lincoln Daily News.

Photo provided by Patti Schonauer      
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North Kickapoo in Lincoln north of Delavan Street intersection closed today

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